Movo Marketplace


Placement intelligence tool matching trades against available markets and giving you Insurer details at the press of a button

Giving you access to your Insurer contacts, appetite and product information at the touch of a button. All of your Insurer contacts in one place.

Movo Compliance


All compliance documents in an easy to access location meaning you always have instant support on tap

Easy access to your compliance manual with each process giving you the advice and support you need to remain compliant and afford your customers the best service they deserve.

Movo Community


For the exchange of market info between brokers and affording you a pivotal position within our broking community

To stay up to date on all the important news and to gain access to the network members the forum is available for you to ask questions give feedback and obtain valuable support and advice.

Movo Docs

Document hub

Templates and other useful documents for your use available for branding

A self serve portal for all your useful documents, LOA, Transfer mandates, training documents, info for your clients- many are available for you to self brand and use immediately.

Movo Academy

Movo Academy

Broker development tool and access to insurer produced information as well as Acturis training and consultancies

From here you can access any Webinar Wednesday presentations that you have missed and access Insurer training including product details, trade specifics and up to date training to boost your knowledge. Acturis videos and how to guides are also available to refresh your day to day skills.

Movo Contacts

Contact list

All AR’s and Partnership contact details in an easy extractable format

Need an Insurer contact list or market response form -you can extract an excel spreadsheet in here with the click of a button! Also available are Partnership contacts so you can reach your support teams with ease.

For administration support or for any queries on how to get the most from Movo Buddy Please contact Broking Support at
[email protected] or call on 07470 520857.